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The Razor Trailer is a one person ground loading trailer.
Custom Handmade Sizes


Razor Trailer

Standard Single Trailer $1,995 - 1200 lb capacity - 44" bed

Trikes/Spyders $2,400 - 1400 lb capacity - 64" bed

Double $2,700 - 2,500 lb capacity - 72" bed
Optional 14" tires - $300

Free Info-Map with purchase.

> 3-13" tires on white spoke rims - $200
Condor Chock $240 installed, includes removable mount - LED Lights - $65
> Generic adjustable locking chock - $125

> For those with arm/shoulder medical issues - double winch gear reduction - $40.
> Aluminum Trim - $100

> Side rail stake pockets - $35
> Trailer painted white - $35.
> 13" Twisted Aluminum Spoke Mounted with 175/80R13 - $390 pair includes 2 Chrome Center Caps and 10 Chrome Lug Nuts



1. Unlock couple.
2. Remove safety chains.
3. Disconnect Electrical Couple.
4. Remove the 2 frame pins.
5. Utilize hand winch to lower inner frame to ground.
6. Ride motorcycle onto the trailer.
7. Secure motorcycle with straps.
8. Use hand winch to raise bed, coupler
will lower onto ball as bed is winched
back up. No lifting required!
Winch does all the work!
9. Replace the 2 frame pins.


I have been taking a motorcycle that we are raffling off around on my Razor Trailer for several months, keeping the bike loaded on the trailer at one of our Fire Stations when not on display. One day, the Fire truck that was normally assigned to that station was out on a call and a truck from another station came by to stand by.
They did not look behind them as they backed up into the spare bay, and did not see the Trailer.
The trailer was in the bay, with the bike lowered to the ground, so that the tongue was fully raised. As the Fire truck hit the trailer, it started pushing the trailer back.
The driver stated he heard a noise but thought it was the pan that we normally keep under the trucks to catch oil, fluids, etc.
As it was pushed back it finally came to rest up against a tiled column on a built in work area at the rear of the bay.
The trailer did not give; instead it began to push in a roll up door on the truck. When they finally did stop, the rollup door on the back was damaged, the trailer tongue had a slight bit of paint chipped off, the wiring harness had been cut by the rollup door, the base of the tile column had some broken tiles, and the motorcycle was undamaged.   --   Score it Razor Trailer 1, Fire Truck 0 - Len Bullington


1. The Razor Trailer is a one person ground loading trailer.
2. Does not require a tow vehicle to load/unload.
3. Totally independent rubber torsion suspension without an axle.
4. Comes with an 8" wide galvanized removable 4-bolt rail
(nuts welded to frame underneath) so mowers,pianos etc., can be loaded.
5. Spare tire (5.3X12 load "C") with mount is included.
6. Hand winch features an automatic clutch brake to prevent freewheeling.
7. The Razor Trailer has 1,400 lbs capacity.
8. %100 welded for a vary rigid frame for high speed stability
(tested to 90 mph without sway).
9. Tires are speed balanced.
10. Razor Trailers are HAND built.
11. Razor Trailers are DOT certified with VIN numbers

>Customer reports no sway at 120MPH unloaded on a short distance run!!<

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1970's> Hands on construction of offshore drilling rigs, Exxon-Mobile-Shell-Pemex etc.
1980's-90's> New construction and repair of:Tug Boats-Offshore service boats-Ocean Freighters, Oil Tankers-U.S. Navy Destroyers, Aeigis Cruisers, Aircraft Carriers etc. Welding certifications include: U.S. Navy-U.S. Coast Guard-Army Corp of Engineers, FANG (Florida Air National Guard)-American Welding Society-State of Florida/Georgia etc.


Began riding 1969
Today I have a 2006 Suzuki V-Strom 1000 and a 2006 Kawasaki KLR650.
Favorite ride areas:Suches (GA) and the Cherohala Skyway, 100,000+ miles trailering to races, events,
helping others, etc, through snow, rain, tornados and good weather.

Gary, the Razors' inventor, welder, grinder, etc.
with my dearest.

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